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Experiential marketing direct to consumers

The Challenge

Novartis Animal Health approached Communique to work alongside its other agencies (PR, web & design) in supporting and delivering a direct-to-consumer campaign to drive sales of their chewable worming product in vet practices. Initially for a one year period, Communique was the agency of choice for continuing and developing the campaign over several subsequent years.

As a prescription-only medicine, the product name is not legally allowed to be promoted directly to consumers. Therefore a public awareness campaign needed to increase knowledge of the importance of worming dogs, along with the optimum frequency based on the pet’s lifestyle. In order to drive sales of the product pet owners needed to be driven to visit their veterinary practices.  

The Solution

Delivering the sublime is what makes Communique tick, so when asked to bring to life the new product in a fun and memorable way, Chewy the mascot was introduced to the nation. Over three summers’ four pooch mobiles, 62 dog mascots and an 8ft giant dog roamed the country causing havoc.

Areas with high doggie footfall were targeted visiting county shows, game fairs, dog shows, veterinary practices, public parks and city centres. Pet owners were encouraged to sign up to the Worm Patrol website for regular worming reminders and driven to their local veterinary practice for a pet healthcheck.  


The Results

Pet owners certainly got the message about the importance of worming by the time we had finished! The Chewy campaign targeted over 1,500 practices, with 180 practices visited by the pooch mobiles and dog mascots during the first summer campaign. The activity helped to increase worming frequency to 2.6 times per year from 2.2. Over the next two years the roadshow was also integrated with a social media campaign, and resulted in a positive increase in product sales and over 15,000 roadshow sign-ups to the vet practice healthcheck campaign.


Practices visited


Healthcheck Campaign Sign-Ups


increase in worming for pooches