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Increasing the volume of traffic to a stand and raising the profile of an offering

The Challenge

Student fairs offer a great opportunity to engage a new audience just as they start to make more independent purchase decisions.  With many big brands recognising the opportunity there is a clamour for the student’s attention, and every stand is trying to create more of a draw than their competitors.

The key players in the mobile phone industry in-particular compete for attention, growing brand awareness and signing up new customers.  EE challenged Communique with creating a splash at 28 University Fresher’s fairs over 45 days covering over 3,500 miles.

The Solution

Using a video booth and green screen set-up, a carpool karaoke allowed students to be videoed singing along in a car to their favourite songs!  Participants then uploaded the processed footage, along with event specific hashtags to Facebook or Twitter from a branded upload page on a separate iPad.  This created a viral element to the presence driving more traffic to the stand.

A Batak style game was created for all 28 fairs demonstrate just how much data could allow you to do.  Starting with 200GB of data, participants tried to tap the images of various ways of using data on the screen e.g. 2 hours of Facetime, 10 hours on Twitter, etc.  The leader board showed who was most successful in using their data creating a competitive element that drew more traffic to the stand.

The Results

The EE stand generated queues of students wanting to engage with the brand.  Sharing on social media leveraged brand exposure greatly, and the queues to get on the stand provided the opportunity for stand staff to engage personally with students, handing out PAYG sims and signing them up to the ambassadors programme.

Over 4,800

Brand ambassadors signed up

Over 400

PAYG sims activated by the end of the shows

Over £7k

Of revenue by the end of shows