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Engaging platform for delivery of a key message

The Challenge

Following the merger the new Everything Everywhere B2B needed a unified quarterly conference for the 500 field-based sales people and support staff.

Having worked with Orange for over 15 years, managing B2B, B2E and B2C events, Communique accepted the challenge of making the next event much more interactive and face-to-face, generating stand out sessions that delegates would remember in the months to follow.

The conference need to be a facilitated gathering where delegates were engaged with company strategy, sales targets, performance and priorities. It had to be an environment where colleagues felt energised, absorbed, celebratory, inspired and enthusiastic about networking, sharing best practice and building the new team relationship.

Each delegate had to leave the conference feeling part of one team, clear about their contribution to the strategy, and committed to the idea of Everything Everywhere being known by its customers as ‘easy to do business with’. It was therefore important that the theme captured the imagination of any delegate irrespective of their learning style: pragmatist, reflector, activist or theorist.

The Solution

Given the dispersion of staff, location was key so we agreed the Birmingham ICC for its central position, capacity and facilities. There were three key elements to be achieved from this initial conference: strategic integration, choice, and a sense of belonging.  To meet the theme ‘media and communications’ enabled conference proceedings would be played out in a mock TV studio, broadcast style.

The conference day itself was divided into four TV shows: B2B Live, Have We Got News For You, AMTV and Commercial Break, followed by an evening reception and ‘Television Awards’ dinner. We also secured sponsorship from key suppliers Samsung, Nokia, HTC and RIM who provided prizes for the event and exhibited their products and services alongside the conference proceedings.

The delegates got hands-on by creating the commercial break activity in teams, brainstorming, scripting, acting and producing judged in the black-tie award ceremony.  Communique also provided wardrobe, make-up, acting lessons and tuition on how to shoot the adverts.

The Results

Live at the ICC was dynamic and energetic, with skilled presenters, news feeds and VTs keeping audiences enthused. The proper commercial breaks allowed suppliers’ to promote products and services, adding authenticity, while viewers were able to post comments on feedback walls outside the studio. 




saved through budget efficiencies


felt part of Everything Everywhere when they left the conference