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Changing culture with a roadshow

The Challenge

Following a major breakaway from RBS group, Direct Line group needed to launch an epic culture change programme with 15,000 staff.  Around a third of this audience was the Chief Customer Office (CCO), the frontline staff dealing daily with customers.

Following the sharing of the companies “Best” vision the challenge was to run roadshows in seven cities, reinstating confidence and sharing strategic direction. Following cutbacks, the leadership team were sensitive to balancing the need to re-engage with staff without appearing extravagant

The brief was to create memorable roadshows where staff felt empowered to help shape company direction, where they felt enthused, reinvigorated and optimistic about embracing a leaner, fitter digitally enabled organisation. As this was the first time the CCO Leadership had addressed its national team collectively there was also a requirement on us to support and guide them throughout the process. 

The Solution

Reflecting on the emotional investment originally made in the ‘Best’ cultural change programme, we proposed the concept of not only reinforcing and reminding CCO staff of the six agreed values but also putting them in the context of business change. And so the ‘Be the Best’ theme was born.

Six weeks from pitch the first event was held. High attendance figures were driven by the HTML invite we designed, reminding workers of their pivotal role in helping shape the company’s future.

The presentations we staged nationally needed to appear fresh and dynamic each time so we invested considerably in supporting, coaching and rehearsing the leaders, creating content and honing messages. A bespoke SMS based App was developed enabling live delegate interaction without the need to rely on venue WiFi. To maximise engagement, sessions were lively and vibrant, with delegates invited on stage to take penalties and reveal business goals.

The Results

A total of 17 conferences were run in November across seven cities. Turnout from the CCO team was incredible, over 3,900 delegates attended and over 5,200 SMS messages were received during the roadshow. 

Re-engaging CCO staff with company values, goals and reasons for change was a requisite aim of the roadshows and SMS feedback suggested the format was both informative and engaging. Engendering confidence and inclusion were also objectives achieved, one text read: “Great Roadshow! Proud to be part of the Team!”


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