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Blog: Destination Dubrovnik

Jun 05, 2017 Tags: events

Last month I had the great fortune of visiting Dubrovnik, and as a new visitor to the city I was blown away by the sheer beauty of the whole destination! Even if you’re familiar with the area you may have overlooked some recent developments, so I’ve outlined some reasons why Dubrovnik might be the perfect destination for your next event.

The Old City 
It’s simply stunning, a stroll around this UNESCO World Heritage site is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon, and is a must do activity for visitors to the area. Group cable car trips and side street restaurants really allow you to make a personalised and intimate experience for your clients.
‚ÄčIf you’re a movie fan then it’s certainly the place to be, it has been featured in Star Wars and Robin Hood as well as Kings Landing in Game of Thrones - all the stars are heading here as it’s a pre-built movie set! Bespoke tours can even be arranged if your group are particular movie buffs.

The number of versatile venues on offer means there really is somewhere for every group size. Of course there are plenty of hotels in the area with newly refurbished meeting spaces (Hotel Kompass’ sleek and stylish design was my personal favourite), however for something more unusual, you can rent an old fashioned pirate ship for a day of meetings out at sea, or hold your events in the huge night club featuring striking, vast ceilings and exposed stone walls.

The Food
The Mediterranean cuisine is truly first class. Fresh octopus, every conceivable fish, and locally grown produce ensure your guests will be wined and dined throughout their stay in Croatia.

Other Activities
Once you’ve finished your walk around the old city there is still plenty to do! Devouring fresh oysters pulled right from the sea, or slowly making your way around local vineyards tasting everything on offer, there are plenty of things to keep you occupied during your stay. All of these activities can be easily adapted as either part of an incentive program or an offsite few hours as part of a meeting program.

Location, Location, Location
Location is obviously key if you have delegates traveling from all over the globe, and Dubrovnik has great flight paths during peak times. The city and hotels are also very close to the airport, ensuring your transfer times are kept to the bare minimum and your guests get the most out of their precious time out of the office.

Dubrovnik truly is a fantastic destination and is often overlooked, so contact us if you’d like to know more about how it might suit your next enquiry.

I’d like to thank British Airways, Mason Rose and Adriatic Luxury Hotels for hosting the trip.
Visit our YouTube page for the highlights video!

Photo credit: Andie Moore 

posted by Louise Palmer, June 05, 2017


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