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Blog: Communique claim a podium position at Excel’s 2017 Great Agency Bake Off

Mar 29, 2017 Tags: creative, people, awards

Last week Mat and I made our way to Excel to take part in the third annual Great Agency Bake Off. Excel host the event to see which leading UK event agencies can hold their own in the kitchen and put everyone’s baking skills to the test!

The day started with a signature bake of beetroot brownies (with 1kg of sugar these were not for the faint hearted), and with 1 hour on the clock time was against us. Led by Excel’s excellent pastry chef everyone managed to ‘rise’ to the challenge.

After judging and a brief tea break we were then presented with our technical challenge – chocolate and avocado macarons. Neither of us had previously made these, and with the added complication of heating sugar to a specific temperature, our approach required precision.  Luckily as skilled event managers who work to detailed briefs we are well versed in dealing with the pressure!

After a tense 1 hour 45 minutes we were extremely proud of our efforts. The macarons turned out shiny and crisp on the presentation bench and we left with our heads held high.

We were thrilled to hear our names announced as joint third place winners by the Excel team.

All in all, a great day out at a fantastically versatile venue! Thanks @ExcelLondon for having us, and here’s to the #GABO2018

If you’re interested in hosting your own baking challenge please contact us, or watch our Ideas Kitchen case study for further inspiration!

posted by Louise Palmer, March 29, 2017


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